Commercial truckers face specific and complex tax rules that can be hard to understand. With life on the road, it can also be difficult to stay on top of record-keeping, tax payments, and other necessary paperwork. Truck drivers often cope with distinct issues that can result in owing taxes to the IRS or state. In fact, being on the road you may not even know that notices are coming when you are away from home, leading to more missed deadlines.

The trucking industry has unique taxing issues, including:

  • High workman’s compensation rates
  • Multi-state tax issues
  • Fuel Taxes, Excise Taxes, Use Taxes
  • Loss & Damage Claims
  • Equipment costs and depreciation
  • 2290 taxes

At Larson Financial, we understand the unique situations that can lead to truckers owing back taxes and we know the best ways to help resolve them. Whether you are a driver, owner/operator or own a larger trucking business, our team of licensed associates can help you keep on truckin’ while we handle the heavy work.