Tax Relief for the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

two people working at a restaurant

Taxes in the restaurant and hospitality sector are complex and often overwhelming. The Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated the struggles that restaurants face today. We are here to help.

We at Larson Financial have helped hundreds of restaurants, bars and food service businesses navigate their way out of tax problems with the IRS and state taxing authorities because we understand the unique challenges these businesses face.

Problems that often lead to difficulties in paying taxes:

Numerous taxes – restaurant owners face a daunting task in navigating the state and federal tax rules relating to state withholding, IRS 940/941s, tips, Sales & Use Tax, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties and more. There are so many ways to fall behind or make a mistake.

Cash flow issues – the Covid-19 crisis has heightened the cash flow issues facing restaurants. Owners are often forced to choose between paying vendors, rent and employees or paying their tax obligations.

Unfiled tax returns trigger the collection process. Missing just one year can trigger for some, while others may miss several years before they are on the IRS’s radar. But the IRS always comes knocking eventually. 

Serious consequences – once a business is buried in tax liability, it can seem impossible to get out, especially when enforced collection tactics such as liquor license revocation, liens and levies make it harder than ever to get back on track.

If you are behind in taxes, we can help. Call us today for a free evaluation.

Don’t be a victim to the collection powers of the IRS and state collections division. We are experts in securing financial protection from the government and permanent solutions.

Call us today for a free evaluation

Don’t fall victim to the collection powers of the IRS and state collections division. We are experts in securing permanent financial protection from the government. Call us at 888-589-0955 for a free consultation. In a few minutes, we will help you to assess your options.