Our Customers Speak

  • The professionalism shown by this firm was nothing short of outstanding a perfect 10. Being faced with numerous other personal dealings, along with this I found myself not wanting to handle an affair with the IRS. For a reasonable price they took care of everything and got me a payment plan that was manageable. I am mostly thankful that they took ALL the worry and sleepless nights away with their performance. Hopefully I never have to go through this again but if so Larson will be my only call.

    David M.
  • Worked with Steve Cizik & team, excellent. They are highly professional dedicated towards their work, research and finding right contact at IRS (as we all know how lost everyone is withing IRS).

    Nita S.
  • Our company began working with Larson Financial in February 2014 and to date Larson Financial, Inc has done tremendous work for us in working with the IRS with our levies, trust penalties and offer in compromise. We have made tremendous strides since we hired Larson Financial and we thank them for all their hard work. They all work in a timely manner and got us results as they assured us from our initial conversation.

    Wayfaring Ministries
  • Larson Financial has been reputable, honest, and most helpful dealing with all of my IRS matters. They give a true assessment of your situation, make sensible recommendations, and do not offer false promises. They are professional from the receptionist, the assistants to the senior members. I highly recommend Larson.

    Spencer E.
  • Thus far my experience has been spectacular. Larson Financial is on point keeping me a breast of the situation, without waisting my time. The fact you have saved me +9K is outstanding! You have made this easy and painless.

    Anthony B. CA
  • I had not filed or paid income tax in over seven years. After speaking with Larson financial, over several in depth conversations, we worked out a plan. I'm now paying on an affordable payment plan and they were able to reduce my liability. I went from worrying constantly about how I was going to pay off the liability to comfortable monthly payments that is affordable and practical. I would recommend the Larson financial to anyone with IRS issues.

    K. F.
  • I am just writing to thank Larson for the work they did to resolve my liability with both federal and state agencies. I am honestly speechless. It seemed as though I owed close to $20,000. After several months of working with Jill and her team, it appears as though I will owe close to nothing. I'm grateful beyond words that a friend told me of Larson. The work they do is amazing!

    R. Gillette
  • I could not be happier with the results that Larson Financial got for me. From day one I was treated courteously and with respect. They were crystal clear in what they could do for me and what my obligations for meeting deadlines were. They were successful in getting my payment terms reduced by over 70%. They were also successful in getting my penalties removed which resulted in a $6.00 savings for every +1.00 they charged for this service. No one wants to be in the position of negotiating with the Government over tax issues but if you find yourself there, I highly recommend Larson Financial in assisting you.

    Mark S.
  • Tiffany and Maudra did a great job at helping me clear up an old skeleton in the closet. They helped me deal with the state of CA franchise tax board which is a challenge in its self. Basically they figured out and walked me through all of the steps to pay my past due taxes and fees and then closed out the corporation for me. I really did not have to do a whole lot accept sign some papers and pay the taxes, they took care of the rest. They know the ins and outs of resolving these kinds of issues, I would not have been able to get it done without them.

    Kyle W.
  • I can't say enough good things about my experience with Larson Financial! From my first contact with Larson and my case manager Leona Hauschild I felt a burden lift. She handled my case so professionally and completely that I only had to take care of a relatively small amount of things. I would absolutely recommend Larson Financial for anyone with any type of tax issue, from minor or major like mine. They worked with me also by spreading my fee over a couple months. A fee that was very reasonable and a result that is more than satisfying.

    Steve Anderson
  • I want to thank you for the excellent service you and your company provided for me and my family. We are inliabilityed to you all and I have no problem going to the BBB website or any other website and giving you and your company the highest ratings possible. Again, thank you very much for the professionalism and excellent service you all provide. NOT 5, BUT 10 STAR RATING.

    Sam P.
  • We have been with Larson for over a year now, we had a significant amount owed to the IRS and we just couldn't deal with them. We had gotten behind because of the economy but still couldn't pay back what was owed them though business was picking up a little. We found Larson and I was assigned a wonderful lady that immediately started helping me. She began to deal directly to the IRS agent in charge of our case and totally took the burden of that off of us. We trusted her in everything that she told us to do to get on the good side of the IRS and it helped tremendously. The time that she help buy us to get it resolved was instrumental in keeping our business going. Even though our revenue officer is probably one of the worst in history as far as not caring if you stay in business or not, Larson helped us fight through some really tough times. With all that said, because of the time bought to resolve the issue our business has increased dramatically and we were able to pay off our Civil Penalties completely! We now just owe the business liabilities of which Larson help negotiate a payment plan and now with all the work we have we are expecting to pay those off shortly. Thank you Larson and especially my contact there and her assistant for being positive through all of this and encouraging us, laughing and crying with us, and staying in close contact through it all. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know with tax problems.

    Bill S.
  • Contacted Larson Financial when I received a tax audit for 2011 requesting over $8000 in back taxes. They were wonderful to work with. From day 1 they kept me up to date on every conversation they had with the IRS and made sure that we met all the deadlines on time. My problem with the IRS was resolved to my satisfaction . They were extremely professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them.

    Fred M.
  • For numerous reasons I had neglected to file my Income Taxes for four years. Over time, helped by the fact that my government salary with holdings were coming from four locations in three countries, this somehow ended up involving multiple IRS offices and a considerable amount of money. The system absorbed all due yearly tax returns and then started to collect approximately 15% of my pay. Not having any subject matter expertise for dealing with anyone or thing having any association with the IRS, I contacted Larson Financial. Shortly I then had a telephone interview with a Senior Tax Consultant who, once I had provided what requested data that I could, took charge of interfacing with the IRS. As I received input or demands from the assorted IRS offices I forwarded their documents to this Consultant who took over my interface with the IRS structure. As my tax situation evolved I was kept appraised of the status. The latest report is that, from owing considerable amounts due to the multiple IRS offices, it appears that I will be receiving a good deal of the attached funds back and be clear of the system. This I owe to the efforts of my Larson Consultant.

    E. Rowan Colorado
  • They are the Best. I have been working with Larson for several years now. I had a CPA drop me on my head. He let the Fed grab one of my bank accounts due to his inaction. Should have expected that when I saw the 5 gallon Seagrams bottle in his office. I owed money to both the state and the Fed. Larson got a resolution with both. The State obligation is now satisfied and behind me. The Fed will take a while but the payment they got for me is small enough I can deal with it even when things are not going well. I work with Nicole mostly. She is phenomenal. I would recommend Larson to anyone with tax problems.

    Richard P. Dameron, MD
  • I was in a relatively crummy situation tax wise. I was self employed, and due to some factors beyond my control, I was not able to afford to pay my taxes on time. I racked up 4 years of un-filed tax returns, and owed $50k+ in back taxes. I contacted the IRS on my own, and was basically given the finger. I was facing a tax lien, among other penalties and consequences. I don't recall how I came across Larson Financial... one of a few thousand google search results for "tax help" I'm sure... I contacted Larson financial, knowing that this type of market was more along the lines of sub-prime mortgage lending. Having recently heard of the "Tax master" guy fiasco... My expectations were low to say the least... To my surprise, they seemed honest, were up front about costs, and didn't make promises that were pie in the sky. I knew what kind of exposure I was facing, and what my risks were, and it was surprising to hear from the folks that were supposed to be able to make all my dreams come true, tell me exactly what I already knew... this was encouraging... at least they weren't trying to feed me lies or schemes that didn't reflect what my situation was... no penny on the dollar crap, etc. The staff was always courteous and friendly, and through the entire process (Almost a year), I had a point of contact that I could reach (The same person actually) that was always familiar with my case and details, and was not afraid to tell me when she didn't know something, and assured me it would get flown up the flag pole for review. Ultimately, I got a fair arrangement brokered with the IRS by Larson Financial. They were knowledgeable, realistic with expectations, and friendly, They took the extra time to make sure that I was informed every step of the way. I would refer Larson financial to anyone that I knew that was in a similar situation as I was. I would certainly hire them again to renegotiate my contract with the IRS should my financial situation change. Thanks again for your hard work and diligence.

  • Working with Larson Financial and Lisa, and her team, was a wonderful experience all around. My entire case was handled smoothly, quickly, and with great care and concern for my situation.

    Denny and Ellen S. CO
  • I had an incredible experience with Larson. I worked directly with Charmagne and Debbie Gallegos. Their intensity of purpose in protecting me from a difficult IRS payroll tax issue saved our company. I was surprised at the reasonable cost... a one time fee only. Within minutes of my agreement to work with them they were on it; from restating financials to overall preparation of a complete package with which to negotiate a settlement. Inevitably they gained such a low repayment plan that our company has a future...amazing!

    Steven B. Aurora, CO
  • I had a business tax issue that Larson Financial helped me with in a big way, they were able to lift all penalties!! I am over joyed and delighted with the service I received from Larson Financial, Michelle Gentry and Leona Hauschild in particular!! Their attention, empathy, follow up and overall customer service was superb. During my tax issue, I felt like I was handled in such a special way, even being out of state . I never met either of them in person but I trust them to a level that I feel like I've known them forever! It's amazing how the relationship and trust was built via phone and mail. I would recommend Larson Financial to anyone.

    Robin J.
  • Many of us fall on hard times in our lives and when we are working to get things straightened out sometimes you need professionals to give you a hand. That is exactly what Larson did for us. After a few difficult years and not filing our taxes we needed to get things back in order but we had to do so and make sure we were protected. Lisa and her team provided the proper direction and helped my husband and I first reduce garnishments into manageable payments, and then into a reasonable payoff for the State of Colorado. With that piece behind us we feel confident as they continue to work and represent us with the IRS. The stress is no longer keeping us up at night and we know while we have the obligation to make things right, we have chosen an honest and hardworking firm to help guide us all the way. Thank you everyone at Larson!!!

    Shannon W.
  • Our experience with Larson Financial has been phenomenal. Everyone we worked with there was so competent, effective, and professional. We had no surprises as they constantly kept up appraised every step of the way. We could not have gotten through this with out Larson Financial. We cannot say enough good things about the firm. Their prompt attention to every detail was amazing. We cannot say enough good things about this organization. We actually feel a very close bond with these people as they were so caring. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing tax assistance.

    Debbie Y.
  • Prior to working with Larson Financial, we worked with another company that showed us little hope in resolving our tax issues. We were concerned that no company would be able to help, but making the choice to change representation and work with Larson Financial was the right decision. The staff was in constant communication throughout the whole process, helping to alleviate a very stressful situation. Through their diligent work we were able to not only reach a resolution, but reach it quicker than expected. We are thankful for the Larson team and highly recommend the company to anyone seeking help with their tax issues.

    Carol & Larry S. Bremen, OH
  • When we started working with Larson-Financial, we owed $80,000 in past taxes. Warren Brown and his staff dealt with the IRS for us and settled our liability for $13,000. Our total cost including services paid to Larson was less than 25% of the original $80,000 due. Thank you Larson-Financial for lifting such a heavy burden.

    The Moore's St. Petersburg, FL
  • From the first day I contacted them, I have always felt like a valued client. They listened, were patient, and gave advice specific to my situation - not a cookie-cutter answer like other companies I had contacted. I had originally contacted a couple of other companies that advertise assisting people with outstanding tax liability. It seemed these other companies were limited to only one product/solution, and never knew how to answer my questions about other possibilities (they were almost scripted). I didn't have a good feeling, until I spoke with Larson Financial. When I was contacted by the legal representative assigned to my case, I knew immediately that she knew what she was doing, and that she was working to find what was best for my particular situation (I had done a fair amount of research already, and she confirmed things I had read about). She suggested something different than what the "One Size Fits All" companies thought I should do, and she and her assistant helped me through the process, keeping me informed along the way. I just received an extremely favorable decision from the IRS regarding my tax issues, which were the result of an abusive relationship where I had no choice in financial matters. I had hoped to work out a payment arrangement with the IRS, but these people got me relief!! This company went beyond my expectations - and they were always a pleasure to communicate with. Thank you so much!

    Catherine W. Tahoe City, CA
  • Larson Financial assisted me in totally resolving my tax problem with the IRS timely in order to effect the sale of the business. My Larson Tax Specialist was professional, knowledgeable, communicative and very Effective in negotiating a workable settlement and followed up with the IRS to keep the process moving even during the Shutdown October, 2013. I highly recommend the firm. Integrity and performance were the hallmarks if my experience with them.

    Jo Anne B.
  • Larson Financial and specifically, Steve Cizik and Victoria Mall are wonderful to work with. They successfully helped me resolve my IRS issue very quickly and made the process as painless as possible. I am more than satisfied with their services and recommend them to anyone needing help to resolve an IRS issue!

    Ashley F.
  • I am a small business in rural Alabama. I have three stores. I had fallen on hard times and fell behind on my sales tax payments. I was at the brink of being shut down due to the sales tax payments owed. After trying to work out a solution with the state, I gave up. I contacted Larson after hearing about their services. I was a doubtful and feared it was just another scam. How wrong I was. Larson Financial took immediate action. They contacted the state and worked out a settlement that I had tried and failed to accomplish on my own. They kept in constant communication with me to keep me updated. Their staff was understanding yet very professional. Within a week or so they had resolved the problem and had me back in control of my future. I would recommend them to anyone. On a scale of 1 to 10 rating the quality of service performed... 10+.

    Stan W. AL
  • We owed $36,000 when we started, and set up $1,500 per month payments. Will owe less than $16,000.

    Matt F. Cincinnati, OH
  • Excellent friendly service. Patient and understanding. Seriously went to bat for us. Took on both the Maryland and IRS tax collectors. Negotiated a doable repayment schedule and when either the tax collectors or we made a mistake they ironed it out for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to negotiate with a tax collector.

    Richard P.
  • The legal team at Larson made my life so much easier by allowing me to focus my energy and time to run my business and generate income to give to the tax people while they stayed on hold with the tax dept listening to the ridiculous music playing over and over again. Then with the information received from the many phone calls needed they were able to tell me in plain and simple English what exactly how much trouble I was in and what I needed to do to get out of it and how much it would cost. Knowledge is power and with this knowledge I was able to run my business more effectively then I could while staying on telephone hold myself with the tax people while shuffling thru countless envelopes and letters from them telling me what dire circumstances I was in. So basically Larson financial bought me the time I needed to fix things and in this day and age time is as great an asset as cash.

    Mark M.
  • I have found my dealing with Larson Financial, Inc. to be absolutely fabulous from initial introduction to services delivery. Every person I have interacted with has been professional AND service oriented. The integrity of the firm and its personnel are unrivaled in my experience. Larson Financial in an expert in what they do. Sadly, companies and individuals need to access their services from time to time. As a representative of a company who needed Larson Financial, I can honestly say that their services have been extremely valuable and helpful. The level of customer care, response, and proactive services have been nothing short of stellar. Their efforts and expertise have reduced the company's exposure significantly. Additionally, their support has eliminated the crisis atmosphere. My primary contact and his staff have been tireless in their service. As a result, I consider him to be a close business partner and friend. His staff members have provided trusting support and never more than a phone call or an email away. I offer my unbridled recommendation of Larson Financial. Their collective integrity and expertise is beyond comparison.

    Douglas T.
  • The employees at Larson were kind, very professional, courteous and informative. I certainly never intended to get into the mess I did with my company taxes, but the Larson staff, in particular, Lisa, comforted me, kept me informed regarding the process, and offered moral support throughout the ordeal. They saved me a tremendous amount of money and I would highly recommend Larson Financial to anyone who needs help with their tax situation.

  • My employer retained Larson Financial's services and handed me the project. It was a complex tax issue that I had never encountered before. Our reps at Larson have been phenomenal. They are professional, organized and highly effective. They have saved the company money and I could not have gotten this accomplished without them. I highly recommend Larson Financial.

    Lisa G.
  • I was in desperate need of help when I found Larson Financial. Their staff has worked with me and eased the pain of having to deal with the IRS. I would recommend them to anyone looking for favorable resolution on back taxes with the IRS.

    Greg H.
  • While I was struggling dealing with my business tax issue, I got a call from Larson financial from nowhere and they told me they could help me. At first I wasn't sure, but they educate me what they are going to do fixing it with a great manner. As they promised they completed my issue. In addition; Barrett Rodriguez went out of his ways time helping me saving my business. I definitely refer everyone who want to get relief from tax headache. Call them now, you won't be disappointed.

    Miki B. Seattle, WA
  • The associates we dealt with were very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. All staff have a positive attitude and assisted us with full explanations, guidance and service. I definitely recommend Larson Financial, Inc. to other people. They helped us with a delinquent tax situation.

    Vic K.
  • My husband and had failed to file for several years. Larson helped to lift the burden we may have had if we had not had them (especially Maggie) to act as our representative. It has helped improve our future.

    KC B.
  • I have been blown away by the level and quality of service received from Larson Financial. Christel Poague was my case manager with the delightful and extremely capable Nicole as assistant. They were proactive and NEVER allow you to go to sleep on the job! They kept me honest and delivered exactly as promised. Considering that the whole thing was phone calls and emails, I can only marvel at how incredibly effective and responsive they were. THANK YOU LARSON FINANCIAL! You have a friend for life and a golden referral - Please do not hesitate to use them - you will not be disappointed.

    Neville S. Savannah, GA
  • I was facing a tax liability of over $75,000 and now I will only end up paying $15,000 over the life of the payment plan. Larson Financial helped me settle this liability for less than what was owed.

    Tony P. Kapolei, HI
  • A good friend of mine worked there and he's a guy w/a lot of integrity, so when he recommended Larson to help out with my tax situation, naturally I looked into it. After doing my own research & reading reviews, I decided that trying to save money by doing things myself, didn't make sense. However, I was concerned about how much it would all cost. But like the great saying, "Price is only an issue in the absence of value" . . . . the value has far outweighed the price. My wife and I are so glad to be working with Lisa and her team!!! We've been happy customers since 2012 as they help us navigate through the process and protect us from any issues that may come up. We're so busy and don't have time to manage the situation, so we're thankful for Lisa & team who are keeping watch. While there are many tax relief companies who prey on vulnerable customers and offer very little to no assistance, Larson is definitely not one of them. When you decide to work with them, ask for Lisa!!!!

    Rodney D.
  • Dealing with the IRS can be a very upsetting and nerve-wracking process but Larson Financial took all of that worry away. All of the folks that I worked with were very knowledgeable, friendly, answered all of my questions, and responded promptly to my calls or emails. I was very happy with the final outcome and the plan that was worked out for me by Larsen was exactly what I wanted.

    Alycia H.
  • I have been a customer of Larson Financial for the past few years. They have proven an unparalleled understanding of both personal and business tax laws. My Personal IRS issues have been taken care of efficiently with good results. They reduced my liability by over 50% to the IRS and took care of all the paperwork and interfaced with the IRS agents much better than I ever could have. They continue to represent me in my business matters when ever I have any issues with the IRS. Their senior and junior specialists keep an open line of communication with me and are very knowledgeable. They do not allow the IRS agents to steamroll deals through the system that are not advantagious to me. I highly recommend this firm for any business or personal tax issues with the IRS.

    Mitch S.
  • I had a series of CPA's really mess up my books, my tax payments and ended up with a bank account raided by the IRS. Larson worked with me to get everything straightened out. I did not have to go get anyone else. We straightened out my books and got all my filings up to date. We have completely taken care of my Maryland state tax issues and have a low monthly payment to the IRS that I can handle. They've stuck with me to make sure I stay on track and even when I messed up we got it fixed with no penalty. Both the State of Maryland and the IRS made mistakes during the process and Nicole who has been assigned to my case literally called them on it multiple times and got the issues straightened out. If you want someone who who will really watch your six on a rough tax issue, I would strongly suggest you hire Larson. You can trust them.

    Rich P.
  • Larson Financial helped me through, what I thought in my mind, an impossible situation with the IRS and Immigration. The entire staff was transparent, helpful, informative and caring. Thank you to the entire Larson Financial Team.

    Thabo M.
  • It is with great pleasure that I speak about my friends at Larson Financial. For the better part of 4 years, I was entangled with IRS and Colorado State Department of revenue taxes, penalties and fees, originating from a medical disability. Starting with Joni on the front end, working with Melissa, Tiffany and Tiffani and Maudra, throughout the process, I could not have asked for a more competent and compassionate team of professionals! I would recommend this organization to anyone who is serious about a serious financial recovery.

    Michael C.
  • I first went to Larson Financial in 2008 after a brutal audit left me 10's of thousands of dollars in arrears with the IRS. I first found them on a web search and found that they were rate A+ with BBB online. I spoke with many other tax relief groups and only Larson was honest with me about my situation and that the best I was going to get was a payment plan. I have worked with them since and they have provided excellent support getting me a reasonable payment plan with the IRS. Twice the IRS has hit me with threats and twice Larson and my rep there Lisa have helped resolve. I would recommend them to anybody with tax issues.

    Allen K.
  • My husband was trying to straighten things out on his own. I had no idea. I was more than a little shocked when our bank accounts were suddenly levied (totally cleaned out!) by an especially strident IRS agent. My husband was out of town and I was trying to cope alone. In a panic, I tried to find some honest and legitimate help. After talking with many different people from questionable “companies” who ran the gamut from promising they could service our account while giving me incorrect legal advice, to yelling at me for asking questions, and even telling me the IRS would be at my door any minute with guns and handcuffs, I began to think this was an impossible situation. A nightmare. It seemed there was no trustworthy, professional help available! By some miracle, I was eventually referred to Larson Financial. Such a gift! Like finding water in the desert. Experienced, compassionate and highly qualified, they offered the genuine expertise I desperately sought. And for no more money than the shady folks demanded. Senior Associate Debbie Gallegos and her assistant, Nicole, knew what to do. Authentic, friendly and professional, they provided the support we needed and worked extremely hard on our behalf. What a great team! Debbie and Nicole expertly guided us through a long process. Debbie negotiated as fair a settlement as possible under difficult circumstances. Apparently, we’re not alone - lots of people end up with back taxes and troubles with the IRS. If you ever need tax relief, get Larsen Financial! Don’t even hesitate.

  • I just wanted to take the time to let you how truly pleased I am about the service and honest approach Lisa took in my case. The web bio is accurate but could also be added that she is a true warrior. Her dedicated work in my tax case was nothing less than amazing. She is ALWAYS available. She is ALWAYS punctual. Most importantly is her honesty. She did not try to sugar coat anything. She just laid out the facts and then she told me what she could and couldn't do to help me. Everything she said, she did. Her very likable character and sincere calming affect put me at ease and I felt that she totally took the burden from me and amazed me with her results. Please know that I will always regard Lisa as a true friend and will not ever hesitate to refer friends and family to her and the great reputation that is Larson Financial. When you see her, give her a hand shake for me and let her see this letter as a testimony to her sincere, caring dedication to her clients!

    Ralph O. Colorado
  • We ended up owing the federal government about +18,000 and the state of CO about $7,000 due to us pulling some emergency money from retirement accounts. As soon as we realized our error before our taxes were due we knew there wasn't anyway to pay the combined taxes. We spoke to Leona at Larson Financial and hired her for our tax problem. She listened to our wishes to resolve our tax liability over time and was able to set up a 9 year IRS repayment plan, and a 3 year state of CO repayment plan, without any negative "tax liens" that would destroy our credit. All has been well for the past two years thanks to the kind and knowledgeable support from Larson Financial. Then I lost my job due to severe medical disability incurred a few months ago. Leona was able to jump in and arrange a hardship discontinuation of my IRS payment for 18 months, and a reduction of my state payments. I am so grateful to Larson Financial for guiding us in our terrible time of need. They said that the IRS was even grateful for us coming forward up front with our situation and therefore gave us some leeway that is not normally done. Without Larson's support we would have lost our house and been in destitute. I can't recommend Larson enough for support if anything else then a peace of mind that there is a sunny bright light at the end of the tunnel.

    Barry L. Littleton, CO
  • I incurred over $500,000 in liability for taxes, penalties and interest because of personal and professional reversals over several years. Larson Financial took over my case from another tax resolution company and successfully negotiated an offer in compromise for approximately 35% of the total liability. The staff at Larson Financial were knowledgeable, efficient, professional and persistent. I found their fees to be reasonable for the work performed. If they had not helped me resolve my issues with the IRS on such a reasonable basis, my family would have suffered tremendously and I would have been ruined professionally. They stuck by me through a very difficult time and wouldn't quit until they obtained a good result. I have referred several businesses and individuals with tax problems to them and I will continue to do so.

    Bill H. Greenville, NC
  • When my tax issues began to spiral out of control Larson was always there to answer my questions, make important phone calls and to keep up with important paperwork for me. They never overcharged me, always returned my phone calls and emails promptly and they even encouraged me through the hard times. They recently helped me to settle my tax liability for much less than I initially owed. Larson Financial was a life saver for me.

    Suzanne J.
  • I had a wonderful experience with Larson. Their staff is compassionate, hard driving, and solutions oriented. They negotiated an IRS payroll tax liability of $50,000 to a $600 monthly payment. They saved our company. Honest, nice, decent, and professional!

    Steven B.
  • After a nasty divorce, years of not filing returns and payroll taxes not being paid, Larson Financial was hired to assist with the resolution and commitment to get us back on the road to recovery. With a dedicated team, a knowledgeable staff and all the support you could ask for. The IRS quit calling, quit coming to the door flashing badges and all lien and levies were lifted. We have now come to an agreement for a monthly payment that is both acceptable and manageable. I would recommend Larson Financial to anyone in need of assistance with the IRS or your state taxes.

    Deborah C.
  • Larson Financial is a wonderful group of tax professionals. Larson Financial helped me with my tax problem and I was very satisfied with the end result. Their tax team was very professional in the way they handled my tax issue. I was very impressed with the way they kept me informed of their progress in solving my tax issue every step of the way. I would gladly recommend Larson Financial to anyone that has an IRS issue.

    Victoria M. California