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Kansas Tax Relief Information

Payment Plan

If you are unable to pay your tax liability in full, the State may consider a request for a payment plan. Should they accept, penalties and interest will still accrue on whatever amount of the liability remains unpaid, even as you pay it off. The State also has the authority to intercept any payments owed to you by state agencies, and apply them directly to your liability.

Personal Assessment on Business Taxes

Failure to meet tax obligations on the part of a business may result in an assessment of personal liability. If you were a corporate officer or other bearers of responsibility associated with a matter of delinquency, you may be held personally accountable and liable for any penalties.

Priority One: Stopping Aggressive Enforced Collections

Tax Liens

Failure to pay a tax and any associated penalties will result in the State filing a lien. This is to protect the State’s interest, and further failure to address the dues may prompt the lien’s enforcement. While the State does not actively notify credit agencies of a tax lien, it is a matter of public record. So it can still affect your credit if an agency decides to check.


If you have delinquent taxes, the State may levy your bank account as a means of resolving your liability. If you have a business that is delinquent, levies may be sent to the associated accounts receivable, which may have serious social and business repercussions. In any case, you will receive a Notice of Intent to Levy before action is taken, and it is recommended that you seek professional assistance promptly. A recipient of a levy is legally obligated to comply with it.

Accounts Receivable Levies

Businesses that owe delinquent taxes may have levies sent to their receivables. When an accounts receivable gets a levy notice, they are then legally obligated to pay the state rather than the business to which they owe the money. This can have devastating effects on cash flow, business relationships, and reputation. If the state has requested a list of accounts receivable, who you do business with, or if the state already has your bank records, you should seek to get professional advice.

Wage Garnishments in Kansas

The state may garnish wages or benefits checks. If you have received notice of an intent to garnish or levy, or are being garnished, get professional help. It is easier to avoid than reverse a bank levy, though garnishments can be reversed.

Power of Attorney

While you may represent yourself before the State, you may also choose to have a qualified representative do so in your stead. This requires that you complete the appropriate documentation prior to any discussion of tax matters.

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